√лобальные резонансные нелинейные технологии
√лобальные резонансные нелинейные технологии


Resonance nanotechnologies and water activation

RNT - Resonance Nonlinear Technologies (http://eng.grnt.biz). Forceps and scalpel for nanotechnologies (htm). Nanotechnology International Forum, Moscow, Russia, 12/03/2008. Activated water is the water in nonequilibrium thermodynamic state with excited Resonance Microcluster structures (RM - analogs of ball lightning, single vortex) and supercoherent electric radiation.

New machine gun from Izhevsk

A unique installation designed to enhance immunity and prepare ionized drinking water at home. On the output the water has antioxidant effects and negative redox potential, it contains Calcium, Magnesium, Fluorine, Selenium and other ions (the mineral composition and the charge may be chosen.) Technologies and devices from Russia - a composition of Science, Technology and Production.

Piping system purification based on cold nuclear fusion

Piping system disinfection and self-purification (recovery) by means of aqueous solutions with resonant microcluster structure. We offer product and technology that allow to renew the delivery value of piping systems† and provide reliable disinfection and high quality of water with minimum costs.

Water burns

Single vortexes (dissipative nonequilibrium resonance structures) exist in water which was first proved by means of ultrasound Doppler tomography dissipative structure. They are analogs to Уball-lightФ with super-coherent electromagnetic radiation. .† The transit of liquids into nonequilibrium thermodynamic state might be carried out by means of substances, physical influence (fields, current, etc.) as well as on the basis of chemical and biochemical reactions.

Levitation is simple

It is always so in the field of science. At first: This is impossible!!! After that: MmmЕ Well, maybe. In the end: YeahЕ itТs justЕ Obvious! ItТs justЕ Simple! (http://ikar.udm.ru/levite.htm).GRNT Ц the technologies of nonlinear resonance. http://ikar.udm.ru/rt.htm,†http://ikar.udm.ru/sb44-2.htm.

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