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You can't embrace the unembraceable
(Kozma Prutkov)
but you can do it together piece by piece

( Scientific Research Center IKAR Inc., Izhevsk, Russia )

GRNT ( Global Resonance Nonlinear Technology)is an International Corporation - a joint group of companies united to develop, implement and commercialize resonance technologies in order to stage a recovery and overcome global stagnation that has hit our civilization.

We ( ) think that there are two main reasons of crisis: - mass application and development of obsolete energy consuming technologies; - stagnation and linearization of scientific and intellectual values. As a result there is ecological and health deterioration.

GRNT offers new high-performance breakthrough technologies and devices based on fundamental scientific approach the structure of surrounding world and its evolution is determined by nonlinear processes and resonance.

The history of physics has actually started from studying nonlinear equations of the solar system the famous Kepler problem. The Kepler problem contains typical attributes of nonlinear oscillating system with parametric resonance: planets rotation period relatively to the sun depends on the parameters of orbit, time characteristics of current planets coordinates have a great number of harmonic components. Not having solved the problem of small denominators that occurred in celestial mechanics and having thrown the baby out with he bathwater the consequent development of theoretical and experimental physics has turned to construction of linear physical theory: the elasticity theory, electromagnetism, the problems of keeping bodies and particles out of parametric resonance zone, quantum mechanics and quantum field theory.

It took lots of time (from XVII to XXI century) to understand that linearization ideas are absolutely inapplicable to solve nonlinear problems and explain nonlinear phenomenon including abnormal. So, in this regard we return to classics today.

Simple truths, state and urgency of nonlinear problems

  1. 1. Resonance is the most stable state of motion in the nature. Resonance mechanisms, devices and technologies have coefficient of efficiency ~100%. They are the most optimal and promising for physics, chemistry, biology and medicine for the technology and production.
  2. 2. During resonance the system emits minimum amount of energy and stores maximum amount of energy. Under resonant conditions the system requires minimal expenditure of energy to destruct or stabilize the system.
  3. 3. The evolution happens by means of transition from one resonant state of motion to another under the action of external destructive factors. Chaos and periodicity are the two sides of one phenomenon evolution and time.

Mathematically rigorous proof of the statement that resonance is the most stable state of motion in the nature is provided by the principle of least action and works of A. Puankare, P.N. Lebedev, M.V. Ovenden, N.G. Chetaev, I.I. Blekhman, V.G. Shironosov (► 1,7 Mb ). The principle of least action itself underlies equations and laws of physics and wildlife.
Nonlinear resonance gives simple explanation to numerous abnormal phenomenon (acceleration of biochemical reactions, homeopathy, transmutation of elements, cold thermonuclear fusion, non-contact liquid activation, information recording on the water, biologically active supplements, new unknown biofields, flux-flow heat and energy oscillators with coefficient of efficiency > 100%, super-new torsion information transmitters, unique low-mineralized sterilizing, disinfectant, cleaning solutions, antioxidant effects and resonance microcluster structure of water solutions with relaxation time from several seconds to 24 hours and more) and gives a clue to solve pending problems by means of nonlinear classical physics methods.

P.S. We would achieve much more together than any of us alone, to constant profit for authors, publishers and researchers as well as for all of us. (

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