√лобальные резонансные нелинейные технологии
√лобальные резонансные нелинейные технологии

"New is well forgotten old"

GRNT is an International Corporation - a joint group of companies united to develop, implement and commercialize resonance technologies (Global Resonance Nonlinear Technologies).

Returning to RNT opens real possibilities for a leap from stagnation to the new stage of mankind's evolutionary development in all the sectors from power, ecology, industry to health, both physical and mental.

Long-term governmental program "Pure water" refers to the separation of tap and drinking water: "... there must be two taps in every apartment: a service water tap and a drinking water tap" (Boris Gryzlov reports). We offer a second tap with drinking water, derived from the unique, patented Russian innovative technologies and facilities that have received the most prestigious international awards. Such water is pure and bioactive; it has antioxidant properties given by its mineral composition. It is a powerful prophylactic remedy to enhance immunity and reduce morbidity. The facilities are equipped with monitoring system of the water being obtained Ц built-in controller, display and flow sensors with indicating system of purification, disinfection, ionization and salinity. The development is based on the Resonance Nonlinear Technology (RNT) of getting activated condensed mediums AM-RNT. The RNT is based on a fluid conversion to a nonequilibrium thermodynamic state with resonant microcluster structures, increased energy and biological activity. In comparison with other technologies of getting drinking water our technology is much more effective and economic, it is safer and easier to use. The facilities with different efficiency based on it already allow supplying people with drinking water (apartments, houses, enterprises, etc.) and they have prospects to solve this problem on the whole in Russia.

The development is based on Resonant Nonlinear Technology (RNT) of getting activated condensed mediums AM-RNT by transferring liquids into nonequilibrium thermodynamic state with resonant microcluster structure with enhanced energy and super coherent electromagnetic radiation. One of the most important characteristics of drinking water is its УchargeФ Ц redox potential. Redox potential of drinking water measured relatively to silver-chlorine half-cell, has to be negative, that is reducing, because human cells have redox potential ~ (- 70) mV. Regular drinking (УpreservedФ) water as well as bottled mineral water with redox potential>0 getting into human tissues takes electrons from cells and tissues, which consist of water on 80-90%. As a result biological structures of organism are subjected to oxidation destruction. This is how the organism wears out, gets old, vital organs loose their functions, the immunity gets lower. The technologies of getting water with negative redox potential are already known but, as a rule, reduction potential of such water is being preserved for no longer than twenty-four hours. The technology the project offers allows producing water with long lasting reduction potential of a set value and its further sale to people in consumer packaging.

The development is based on Resonance Nonlinear Technology (RNT) of getting activated condensed mediums AM-RNT. The RNT is based on a fluid conversion to nonequilibrium thermodynamic state with resonant microcluster structures, increased energy and supercoherent electromagnetic radiation. In comparison with other technologies of piping systemsТ disinfection and recovery (purification) as well as their normal sanitary and hygienic state maintenance AM-RNT has a number of advantages: it is more effective, it is safer, easier to use and cheaper. AM-RNT is a powerful disinfectant (its bactericidal activity is 300 times better than of sodium hypochlorite) which removes pipe residue and prevents its further formation. AM-RNT does not change the chemical composition of water or add anything new to it except for energy that produces radiation fields. Depending on the object of application the amount of AM-RNT addition to water ranges between 1:250000 (for pipes with ~1Е2 m diameter and 40-200 km length) to 1:20000 (for MEP systems).

УIzumrud-SIФ (model 01os) is a universal installation which produces ionized drinking water of the highest quality with set mineral composition (microelements: —а++, Mg++, Iodine) and antioxidant effects (pH, negative redox potential, microclusters). The installation is equipped with built-in controller, display, three flow-type transducers with two-level indication system to track the work of the following systems: osmosis (purification), activation (water ionization), drinking water mineralization (optimization of mineral composition). New model of installation from УIzumrud-SIФ series doesnТt have any disadvantages of reverse osmosis systems. It produces drinking water of the highest quality, that has antioxidant effects and costs 2 rubles/liter (the nearest analog is УVashe ZdorovieФ (УYour healthФ) drink, which costs ~ 400 rubles/liter, www.gepatitunet.ru). It is proved that water purified by reverse osmosis installations is: - distilled (demineralized) and inapplicable for drinking; - deionized, oxidizing (because its redox potential is positive (~ 200 mV)) - its structure bears Уinformational imprint of sewerage pipes, infected with slime and dirtФ what is dangerous for immunocompromised people.

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